Wider Embraces – Unfolding Planetary Awareness

Planet Earth with water, stone and plants.

The Embrace of planet Earth is already here. The invitation is to become aware of it!

Everything is Fundamentally Interconnected

We perceive ourselves to be separate from the planet, the biosphere, and each other, and we behave accordingly. And yet, science shows us again and again that everything is fundamentally interconnected.

Easy and Profound

The Wider Embraces method is easy to do, yet incredibly profound, making far more sense when you try it than any description can convey. 

The Wider Embraces can best be described as a guided group meditation, a method that we use to sense into different aspects of our reality that we are ordinarily unaware of.

Guided meditation

From Connection to Disconnection to Reconnection

You have experienced parts of this planet first-hand: touched, seen, heard, smelled and tasted. These are your personal bits of the planet, the ones you are connected to.

Though you also know that there are places that exist that you haven’t experienced and that we are living on a round planet. These are your mental images of the planet. There is a reality behind them, but you can’t sense it. You are disconnected.

Unconditional Belonging and Pure Awareness

The Wider Embraces path will let you reconnect with the whole planet, sense your unconditional belonging, see from wider perspectives and heal in alignment with everything you belong to.

The Embraces are also a doorway into pure awareness, stillness and the unconditional.

Experience Planet Earth through your Heart, Mind and Whole Being

As humans, we have the capacity to step up and meet our planetary challenges. But it will take a radical change in how we perceive ourselves and the planet.

In this 15-minute video, I introduce the “Wider Embraces” method and planetary awareness and lead you in a guided meditation. It will give you a taste of what “Wider Embraces” is about and if it is something for you.

I didn’t intend to look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. But it’s soon Christmas, so why not?
Wheel of WE

We have been exploring our wider Embraces since 2012, and a method with seven steps has slowly emerged.

We call it the Wheel of WE.

Embraces All the Way Up and Down!

Everything with boundaries has an Embrace, and this website focuses on the Embrace of Planet Earth. But you can use this same method to reconnect with everything you belong to; your family, organisation, country, galaxy …

Welcome to Join!

You are most welcome to join us on this significant journey, where we together explore and develop a new way of being on, and as, planet Earth and everything else we belong to.

Stina Deurell, founder of Wider Embraces

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