Belonging, Perspectives, Alignment

The Wider Embraces method is a path to explore the collective side of reality in a new and unique way.

Based in the Scientific World-View

Modern science has given us a beautiful map of our deep interconnectedness. As humans, we start to recognise that we are not separate but integral parts of the Universe, the Biosphere, Humanity and everything else around us.

Deeper Belonging and Collective Perspectives

Wider Embraces offers a way not only to understand this intellectually but to experience it first-hand. We sense into our deep belonging on subtle levels, lean out into our shared spaces and take collective perspectives that give us surprising and profound insights about reality.

In Alignment with Planet Earth

We are heading towards a critical time in human history; exceeding the planetary boundaries. Wider Embraces is a powerful and gentle tool that can help us find a path forward. A path of alignment and healing on all levels.

An Unfolding Journey

The Wider Embraces method has been developed amongst circles of friends. Over the years, different aspects have emerged, and our understanding has deepened. During each session, we learn something new.

You are welcome to be part of the future unfolding!

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces