Belonging, Perspectives, Alignment

The Wider Embraces is a new and unique path to collective awareness. You are welcome to dive in and lean out. Chose your entry point:

1. A Guided Meditation

Wider Embraces is a friendly meditation that will leave you feeling calm and connected. We enjoy a pleasant time together. Here and now.

2. Personal and Professional Development

Wider Embraces is a great tool for personal and professional development. Get to know who you are and your relations in a remarkable new way. Transform your family dynamics and develop your team or organisation.

3. Transformation of Self and Planet

Wider Embraces is at the leading edge of a new world-view which is emerging all over the planet. Be prepared to transform who you experience yourself to be, and to consciously participate in the evolution of planet Earth.

Be Aware!

You are welcome to start and continue to participate at whichever level you feel most drawn to. But be aware, even if you join because of 1 or 2, you may well end up in 3!

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces

I belong in all my wider Embraces. Unconditionally.
I am all my wider Embraces. Now.
I align all my parts. Always.

Planet Earth