Belonging, Perspectives, Alignment

The Wider Embraces invites you to experience all the ways you belong to everything around you. Unconditionally.

Science and Spirituality – One Reality

Our normal way of experiencing the world goes something like this: ‘I’m here, and everything else is out there, separate from me.’

However, we hear more and more from our scientists about how interconnected everything is. We are one global ecosystem, one family tree, living and breathing together. We are one humanity, interconnected and interdependent. What our bodies are made up of today was born with the Universe some 14 billion years ago. It’s mind-blowing.

Meanwhile, our spiritual teachers and mystics speak of how all is One, and that there is a path to experience this. The Wider Embraces method integrates these two views into a coherent experience of reality and offers a simple process that lets you experience it first hand.

You are Planet Earth – It is time to get this!

If we are going to survive as a human culture, we need to deeply understand that we are part of the Biosphere, part of Planet Earth. And that each one of us is the whole planet. Now and Always.

Insight and Alignment – Self, Family and Organisation

The Wider Embraces method is an excellent tool for insight and alignment at any level. I use it for healing myself, my family, and other relationships. As a consultant, I have been working with organisations, providing an in-depth understanding of the relational dynamics within and around the organisation.

Guided Embraces – Moving Together

The Wider Embraces method can be described as guided meditation and it works very well online. One person guides, but everyone contributes with insight and comments. It is a collaborative process, so we share what we experience while we move through a series of our common Embraces. With practice, you will be able to sense into your wider Embraces whenever you like, which offers a more integrated loving, aligned and insightful life.

Join in – Welcome!

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Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces

I belong in all my wider Embraces. Unconditionally.
I am all my wider Embraces. Now.
I align all my parts. Always.

Planet Earth