A Double Perspective – Being the Embrace and the Embraced

You’ve probably seen the videos and the cartoons, maybe shared some of them yourself, where Mother Earth is crying or being wrathful against humanity, or Gaia hates her humans, seeing us as germs, hoping to get rid of us, fast.

Yes, we humans have messed up this planet, immensely. Especially the ones of us, who consume the most. Our feelings of fear and guilt are appropriate human emotions, but to project those emotions onto the Biosphere is neither right nor does it solve anything.

When we lean out into the Embrace of the Biosphere or any of our wider Embraces, what we experience is that we are held, unconditionally. The Embrace of the Biosphere holds me. I’m at home. I belong here.

When we take the perspective as the Biosphere, we are life on Earth, holding all living beings, including all humans, unconditionally.

And we can enter into a double perspective where we are the Embrace of the Biosphere and this human being at the same time. Being the Embrace and the embraced. Holding and being held. A two-way relation with an expanded self.

Great, no guilt, no angry Gaia, just unconditional Embraces! So I can keep going and continue to consume and I don’t have to think about other species or future generations? Not exactly.

When I know that I’m the whole Biosphere, that there is no separation, there is a lot of work to do and changes to make. But they are made from a creative and loving place. A place inside me, as this human being, and inside me as the Embrace of the Biosphere. A powerful place with potential for a profound transformation – inner and outer.

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