Guiding Myself – Morning Meditation

Biosphere, Planet, Solarsystem and Universe
Humanity, Biosphere, Planet, Solar system, Galaxy, Universe! Photo by Hanna.

Today I used the WE method for my morning meditation, in a session of about 45 minutes. So this is another benefit of training to be a guide, I can do it for myself. And in so doing, train to be able to guide others. Learning the phrases by heart, linking their meaning with the intended shifts in my body and mind.

After the three widest Embraces of the physical universe, the biosphere and the cultural sphere, and returning to the embrace of Me, I tried the group, including Stina and Matthew, who are currently training me to be a guide, as well as meeting frequently in The Wider Embraces Sense Tank (TWEST). And was pleased to find that I could get a certain sense of an imaginary group holding me, even though we were not physically together at this moment in time. But there is an embrace of this particular group that I can access on my own, and draw strength and support from.

Then I went on to become Humanity, really getting the difference of resting in the Embrace (as I did before in the cultural Embrace) and leaning out into and becoming it, holding all my parts. I really feel the importance of doing this, supporting humanity in this evolutionary step, becoming one whole and conscious entity that can act as one in alignment with all its parts.

Then I became permeable to the influence of the planet, of Gaia, one of my favourite stages in this journey. It always feels like receiving a blessing from this wise, patient and benevolent being. Afterwards I sensed into the difference of becoming the planet, with all its aspects. Holding and aligning all its parts. I feel it is important to do this from both sides – the first one of humanity becoming permeable brings more a sense of responsability and empowerment to actively align myself with the planet. Being the planet gives me the experience that the planet bears no grudge to humans and their technology, but is very willing and capable to include and align itself with anything that humans can come up with.

Then I leaned out into the solar system, becoming this entity with the pulsating, erupting, powerful sun at the centre. Then the galaxy, with its own starry vibration and spiralling movements. Here my mind became very wide and included a sense that there are other types of knowledge and sense-making, other perspectives than the human one. A noosphere outside of that on planet Earth. This was not concrete, but distinct and real. From this perspective, all our human desires and problems, even global ones, appear quite limited and short-term.

Then I leaned out into and became the Embrace of the Universe. My mind expanded and became limitless. There was no boundary and no timeframes. I became aware that this is the widest Embrace that I am capable of being aware of at this moment. I also sensed inwards, into the microcosm and became aware of the same limitlessness. The limit is only of what can be known and experienced. I entered stillness, a very similar place to the one I reach when I meditate on emptiness in the Buddhist tradition.

Then I opened my eyes and held that perspective, while watching the snow falling on the still garden. I guided myself into becoming aware of the embrace of Me again, while retaining all the perspectives from all my wider embraces. And then I played around with the sentence “I act in alignment with all my Wider Embraces. Always” and “I am all my Wider Embraces. Now” – couldn’t remember the third one. And found that I am still very curious what Stina means with “I unfold”, the final stage in the centre of the wheel. Something to do with Involution???? This is very intriguing to me, the growing edge of the process. It feels very important to explore the middle of the wheel, so that there is a very practical output of this process.

Big Hug to all of you reading this.


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