Torus and Outdoor – WE Gathering Notes

A round planet
The Universe in a frozen pond. Photo by Stina Deurell

On Saturday, February 12th, we gathered online to spend three hours together in our wider Embraces, coming from California, Massachusetts, Ireland, England, Germany and Sweden. During the first two hours, we explored the personal potential in the middle of the Wheel of WE, and after the break, we went outside and found a round planet!

Below are some of my, Stina’s, experiences, and I invite all participants to add your insights and experiences in the comment section!

One Voice of Humanity through my Unique Voice

When we went into the middle of the Wheel of WE, inside the Embrace of Humanity, and felt into how it unfolds through each one of us. I felt one huge voice coming up through me, out my mouth, as my unique voice. And I saw the same in everyone. And my mouth opened as wide as it could, and there was no way for me to close it. 

In this Embrace of Humanity, I also realised that I had no resistance to any human cultural expression, nothing human is alien to me.  Though I have my personal preferences …

The ‘Globeness’ of Planet Earth

It was amazing to be outdoor, connected through zoom with people spread out around the planet. We all looked out into the sky; the US guys with a bright sun, we Europeans with stars. The ’globeness’ became real and apparent, not only a concept. Daylight in the US, night in Europe. Winter in the north and summer in the south. The Embrace of Football all over in all directions, me looking at a football field, a football left around in Ireland.

Boundaries in their Right Place

And we connected with our own home towns. Matthew got a very vivid impression of all the layers of Brighton, I felt Höör in a new concrete way, with the boundaries where they really are, not in my head. There is a huge difference in quality to imagine something ant to actually be there, sensing the Embraces in their actual locations. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and more outdoor Embraces!

3 thoughts on “Torus and Outdoor – WE Gathering Notes”

  1. Yes another enjoyable and nourishing meeting with the WE community!
    For me, exploring the centre of the WE-wheel was exciting and challenging. In addition to leaning out and becoming an embrace, which feels very healing, widening and expansive, and leaning in to hold all its parts, which feels loving, caring and inclusive, we now stepped into the middle, seen as a torus, and sensed into the embrace expressing itself through me and being expressed by me. This I experienced as quite challenging, puzzling, uncomfortable, but finally empowering.
    I realized, that just “becoming” the planet, the biosphere, humanity or the universe, could be a way of bypassing the problems, just resting in the sense that everything is alright as it is. This is one very important truth, and resting in that can be very healing for all those of us who are caring and fighting for the planet so intensively, that we have come to hate human beings altogether. So this for me is one very important step in the Wider Embraces journey, to embrace humanity, become the embrace of humanity, rest in it, lean out into it, lean in and hold all its parts – unconditionally.
    But if we just left it there, nothing much would happen. Maybe we would wait “for the planet to sort it all out” – which it cannot do without our participation. So stepping into the middle and feeling how the biosphere, the human culture are expressed through me, and (shift) expressed by me, means stepping into my responsability – and ability – as a single human being at this particular point in time.
    I am not alone, I am held and supported by all my wider embraces, I can learn to hold and align myself with other humans and all life on earth, and with that information and that encouragement, I can act.
    And here was a further significant realisation: when I allow this to happen, the expression becomes effortless, spontaneous, unstoppable. And it can’t be wrong.

  2. When I went outside I could really sense the embrace of Brighton all around me and ‘in’ me. I could sense the idea of Brighton – its cultural presence, as well as my physical belonging, and the embrace of all the human and non-human beings that make up the embrace. Being outside, the embrace was far less imaginitive/meditative and far more tangible and obvious.
    I love that as a group we can explore and play together – there was a joyful and giggly energy to our group, as well as being profound and insightful.

  3. When we each walked outside into our various local neighborhoods, and I saw others in winter coats walk through the cold, star-studded nights in Northern Europe while I stepped into a warm, spring-like, blue sky morning in California, I had to immediately enlarge my perspective to sense that this was all happening at the same time. It wasn’t quite like looking at Earth from the Moon, but to feel the simultaneity required taking in more than my local town, county, state and country. I had to open to a continental perspective. At first it felt disconcerting, but I soon opened up and felt giddy and excited that such an enlarged perspective was so readily available. Thank you, Stina and group, for playing on such a large field together.


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