WE to the Integral European Conference

Integral European Conference

One of the roots of Wider Embraces is the integral theory by Ken Wilber. Before I went on my journey and found the Embraces, I was very active in the integral movement in Sweden.

This year, I have applied to present the Wider Embraces method at the huge European Integral Conference, which will be online this year. Below is the abstract of my workshop squeezed into 1000 characters. It has been a mind- and heart-opening process to formulate what Wider Embraces is about at its core.

Can you see the same problems and potentials as I do?

Planetary Alignment and Collective Perspectives

For the first time in history, we humans are starting to form one global, interconnected culture. Unfortunately, whilst doing this, we are destroying our habitat, the Earth, and our spiritualities are directed towards escape; transcendent enlightenment, or heaven. 

We urgently need to take a giant evolutionary leap forward, forming one multi-individual species on one multi-species planet. A leap of the same magnitude as when our single-celled ancestors merged into multi-celled organisms more than a billion years ago. 

In this workshop, you will get a taste of this emerging level. Moving from the latest scientific findings, through unconditional belonging in the subtle realm, to leaning out into what we call an Embrace, and become it. Taking the Embrace as our first-person perspective, experiencing the world as, for example, Humanity or the Biosphere. Gaining valuable insights and opening us to alignment and unfoldment.

Let’s explore this together with curiosity and open hearts. 

Come and join me and all the other presentations and workshops!

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