Who put all the Oil and Coal here?

Oil spill

We were asked to feel into how we humans treat the planet and our emotions around this. I went with our burning of coal and oil, and to my surprise, I ended up in the opposite direction from the expected shame corner. And I came back with deep forgiveness in my heart.

Who put ALL that oil here? It was not us! I got furious about the set up on this planet. To give a bunch of smart monkeys, access to a dangerous amount of energy is deeply unfair!

– Hi guys, it’s your planet speaking, here is endless energy; you have a hundred years to stop yourself from burning it all, or we all die. Good luck!

The setup is a trap, and there is no way to not step into it. We happened to be the species that did. And we did what life does; we used any available energy resource to grow. And because we are smart and good at cooperating, we grew too much, too fast.

You can’t blame a bunch of monkeys if their planet put up a challenge like this. Even if they are smart enough to have figured out that the Earth is round, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and burning fossil fuels will change the climate for the worse for all life.

There are no living beings on Earth that can resist an available energy resource; that is why life is flourishing and found everywhere.

Oil spill

There is no easy way out. We need to move in the direction of self-limitation on a species level. Taking a leap of the same magnitude as when we went from single-cell organisms to multi-cell beings more than a billion years ago. And blame and shame is not the way forward, but forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves and each other and our whole human culture.

And I forgive the planet as well; it’s not easy to make a fair set up for your first cultural revolution. The Earth happened to store too much sunlight, too easy to access. I love our planet Earth anyway!

How it all started

Between 350 and 65 million years ago, algae, zooplankton and plants lived and died, but for many reasons, they did not decompose. They were covered by mud, and slowly they turned into coal and oil. An enormous storage of sunlight was built up inside the planet. Waiting.

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