Belonging, Perspectives, Alignment

The Wider Embraces invites you to experience all the ways you belong to everything around you. Unconditionally.

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Insights and Alignment – Join in!

The Wider Embraces method is an excellent tool for insight and alignment at any level – Self, Family, Organisation and Planet.

It’s a guided group meditation and works very well online. Read more and join us!

The Planetary Self-Healing System

One Reality

Both our scientists and our mystics talk about how deeply we are interconnected with everything around us.

Read about how we integrate this in the seven steps of the Wider Embraces process.

Stina Deurell

The Story Behind – About Stina Deurell

It all started with the question ‘Who is Embracing?’ in 2012. Or it started much earlier …

Read about my journey and my sources of inspiration.

Blog Posts

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Said about the Wider Embraces

My body is inside me

As the embrace of me, I am delighted to remember that my body is actually inside the embrace of me, and that I am in fact much larger than my body. This contradicts my usual experience of being contained within my physical body and it astonishes me every time.

Matthew Painton

Effortlessly fully there

When I meditate, I have a hard time being focused, especially in the beginning. But when I lean out in the wider Embraces together with others, it’s like my mind drops instantly and I am fully there, effortlessly.

Naima Clevenhag

Immensely valuable facility

I cannot overstate how thrilled I am to have experienced this remarkable guidance experience that Stina has created. What has taken me years to experience and articulate, now can be introduced to newcomers in even one short session.

This kind of energetic facility and articulation is immensely valuable for anyone involved in the helping or healing professions.

Dean Walker, Living Resilience Alliance