About the Wider Embraces

• Unconditional Belonging and Collective Perspectives

You are invited to sense into your deep belonging to everything you are part of and lean out into our shared spaces and take collective perspectives. The surprising and profound insights about our world are yours to make first-hand.

• A path to Stillness

The Embraces are also a doorway into pure awareness, stillness and the unconditional.

• Based in the Scientific World-View

To navigate, we use the astonishing map of our deep interconnectedness that modern science has given us. As humans, we start to recognise that we are not separate but integral parts of the Universe, the Biosphere, Humanity and everything else around us.

• Allways been there

The foundation of the Embraces has been there all along. The new and unique thing is that we can consciously lean out into them, rest in them and take them as our first-person perspective.  This opens a whole new way of perceiving the world and invites us to feel a deeper belonging to everything we are part of. 

• Alignment – Living the Embraces

With the Wider Embraces method, we can start to navigate our lives more consciously, and align ourselves with everything we are part of, living an unfolding life.

• In Alignment with Planet Earth

We are heading towards a critical time in human history; exceeding the planetary boundaries. Wider Embraces is a powerful and gentle tool that can help us find a path forward—a path of alignment and healing on all levels.

The Method – How we do it

We meet mainly online, but also in person. The guide will point out the Embraces, and together we feel into them and lean out into them, speaking as them. You can’t understand Wider Embraces, by reading this; doing it is key.

People who struggle with staying focused during meditation often find the Wider Embraces method helpful and easy. We hold each other, and it’s more or less effortless to remain present.

A Work in Progress

The Wider Embraces method has been developed amongst my circles of friends since 2012. Over the years, different aspects have emerged, and our understanding has deepened. During each session, we learn something new and things may change. You are very welcome to be part of the future unfolding!

If you are curious about how the Wider Embraces came about, what the sources of inspiration are, and who I am; then look under About Stina.

The Wheel of WE

The Wheel of WE

On the following pages, you’ll find The Wheel of WE, the map we use to navigate our wider Embraces. For each of the seven steps, I’ll explain what it is about and how we evoke it.

Read on, or Lean out?

You surely don’t have to read or understand any theory to join a session and get a lot out of it. But if you are one of these people, like me, who loves to ask questions and look under the hood of things, this section is for you, enjoy!

A huge thank you to all my friends for your invaluable support and all the hours we spent exploring our wider Embraces together.

Höör, Sweden, January 2021
Stina Deurell

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