1. I am separate – Boundaries are Important

1. I am separate

– I’m a single human being, everything else is out there, separate from me.

Step 1: I am Separate

1. The Wheel of WE

We start the journey focusing on ourselves as separate persons living and acting in this concrete world. Made up of many different parts.

It can seem a bit odd to start with evoking our separation. Why not jump straight into the belonging? Two reasons; it’s a good idea to start where we are and acknowledge that, and secondly; it’s true. On our personal level, we are always separate, and that is perfect.

All My Parts – A Deconstruction of Self

This first step is also a part of the deconstruction of the self. We look inward and become aware that we are made up of many different parts. Parts we, in step two, use to sense into our deep connection with everything around us.

– I am a physical, material body. I consist of particles, forming atoms, forming molecules.

– I am a living, breathing being. I consist of cells, forming organs, forming all the complex systems needed for me to live.

– I am a node in the human culture. Everything I’ve got from other humans; knowledge, language, stories, arts, technologies.

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