2. Time and Space – Science

Connected in time and space

– I am connected with everything around me through time and space.

Step 2: I am Connected in Time and Space

2. The Wheel of WE – I am Connected in Time and Space

At the second step on our journey, we move from separation to becoming aware of how we are connected to everything around us. We are physical, biological and cultural beings.

Science is our Runway 

We look at the world and our place in it, using the latest scientific findings and our own experiences. Our modern scientific world-view is so full of astonishing facts about how deeply interconnected we are. Cosmology, ecology, particle physics, evolutionary biology, DNA sequencing, systems theory, archaeology, palaeontology and much more have opened our eyes to how deeply we belong together with everything around us. To ponder these facts is the first step of becoming aware of our wider Embraces. 

The More Knowledge, the More Interconnections

It wasn’t possible to take the perspective as the planet before we knew we lived on one. And with the images of Earth taken from space, it became much easier to Embrace our cosmic home. Before we understood evolution, we didn’t know how deeply related we are to all life on Earth.

I find it strange that our modern culture, which has brought forward all this knowledge of belonging, still behaves like we didn’t know. Wider Embraces is a tool to change this.  

Awe-inspiring Facts 

To give these facts time and ponder the implications can be quite mind-blowing. So already on this concrete level, hints of a more profound and healing perspective often occur. 

Transcend and Include

We never leave the manifest behind, even when we move into the subtle fields and pure awareness. The concrete foundation is always there; it’s our map and bedrock. Wider Embraces is about aspects of our everyday world; it’s not an escape road into a ‘spiritual’ realm.

I think it’s essential in our time, that our ‘spiritual’ practices help us become deeply present and connected to our planet, here and now. 

I’m Interconnected Through Evolution

Connection Origin Past

– The atoms that are me today, have been part of this planet since it formed, over 4 billion years ago. They have been part of the oceans, been high up in the air, and deep down in the Earth’s crust. Inside me is the whole history and geography of planet Earth.

– The particles that are me today, have been around since the birth of the Universe. They made up the cosmic dust, from which our Galaxy was formed. They have been in and out of exploding stars, and they were here when our solar system formed. Inside me is the whole history of the Universe.

– I am the result of an almost four billion year-long unbroken chain of life, as are all living beings on planet Earth. We are all related. We are one huge family tree.

– The culture I’m part of today has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. All the generations that have come before me, have added a little bit; at first slowly, then faster and faster.

I’m Interconnected Here and Now


– I’m spinning with the planet, revolving around the Sun, moving with the Galaxy, and expanding with the Universe. I’m interconnected with everything through entanglement and gravity. I’m an integrated part of the Universe.

– I am living and breathing together with all life on Earth. We form one planetary ecosystem. We are one life.

– We continuously receive and recreate the knowledge, stories, arts and technologies. All my words and actions influence others, locally and globally. We are one interconnected humanity, with many variations.

A Deconstruction of Self, one more step

When we realise how every part of me is in a constant flow in time and space, how everything that is me today was something else not long ago. It becomes a deconstruction of the self. When the boundaries of me have loosened, it’s easier to widen them at the following steps of the process. 

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