3. Belonging Unconditionally

Belonging Unconditionally Wider Embraces

– I rest in all my wider Embraces.
– I belong here. Unconditionally.

Step 3: I belong Unconditionally

The Wheel of WE – 3. I belong Unconditionally

Moving to step three, we shift realm; from the concrete to the subtle, from experiencing the world through interactions and knowledge to a direct experience of the subtle fields that surround us, here and now.

So far, everyone who has given it a try, have been able to experience the Embraces – feeling the shift when we become aware of one, and the sensation of being held, unconditionally.

The Word ‘Embrace’ is very Precis

The word ‘Embrace’ can at first feel a bit odd, but it is a very accurate description, and it was the question ‘Who is Embracing?’ that started the whole endeavour, so there has not been much of a choice of word.

An Open Exploration Together

It has been an open exploration during the years; someone comes up with an idea: Can I Embrace my cat? Is there an Embrace holding all human women, excluding men? What about the cultural Embrace of the Galaxy? The answers have turned out to be; yes, there is a cultural Embrace of you and your cat; no, men and women are types inside the Embrace of Humanity; yes, something apart from us in the Galaxy seam to have a cultural aspect. 

Consensus about what works and not

What I find astonishing, is the consistency and our consensus; we find an Embrace or not. It’s a common experience, and bit by bit, we have understood what constitutes an Embrace. 

One Experience Expressed through many Voices

When we lean out into an Embrace; it’s incredible to hear everyone speak, expressing the same qualities. It doesn’t matter who speaks; it’s a shared experience, one Embrace expressed through several voices.

Healing through Alignment

When we rest in a wider Embrace, we relax into a healing alignment with that Embrace. We sense the quality and energy of the fields throughout our bodies. Muscles getting soft, stomachs start to make noises, jaws drop. The feeling is very much the same as during a healing session, deep meditation, or laying in the grass looking at the clouds passing by.

It’s also mentally and existentially healing to feel the deep belonging to everything I’m part of. And to embrace and accept every thought and emotion arising.

Letting go of resistance

Many of us have a resistance to being a part of Humanity, the Biosphere, or our Families. When we let go of that tension, we release stuck energy, and we can start to move more freely, in alignment with the whole. 

Shifting State 

The subtle level almost always induces a shift into a more meditative state. It can be tempting to let go and space out a bit. Though to navigate the Embraces and experience what is going on, it’s a good idea to keep a certain level of alertness and to keep our feet rooted in the manifest world at all times.

Physical, Biological and Cultural Embraces

The Embraces are based on physical, biological or cultural belonging or a combination of them. We tried other ways of sorting it out but always got back to these three. 

Physical Embraces – Particles to Universe

The physical Embraces includes everything in the Universe, including living beings, but not their aliveness, only their physical foundation. To experience myself as a physical object is very different from my usual way of perceiving myself. 

Borders defined by human decisions are cultural Embraces, not physical. For example, we once tried to take the perspective as the physical Embrace of Sweden; It didn’t work. Instead, we found the physical Embrace of the Scandinavian peninsula.

The quality we mostly experience in the physical Embraces is a calm and timeless space. Nothing to feel, think or do. Just be. No life, no death. 

Biological Embraces – Cells to Biosphere

Our Biological Embraces are based on kinship formed during the evolution of life on Earth, and our relations in the global and local ecosystems.

I’m part of many biological Embraces, such as the Embraces of vertebrates, mammals, humans, and my family. There are also the Embraces of all insects or all lilies, but I can’t take them as my perspective because I’m not a part of those Embraces. I can’t know for sure if they are there, but I guess they are. 

Most biological Embraces have an energetic feeling, an aliveness. Life has to move constantly, to act, otherwise; death. 

Cultural Embraces – We and All of Humanity

Cultural Embraces are based on the knowledge and the things we’ve gathered throughout human history, and on our social interactions here and now.

I’m born into several layers of cultural Embraces; family, ethnicity, nation, humanity. Each has its traditions and ways to interact. And as I grow up, I find and form new cultural Embraces; my school, sports club, workplace, a tight group of friends — each with its boundaries and flavours.

Some cultural Embraces are fixed; others are more fluid. Any group, even if it’s just a brief meeting form a cultural Embrace. When we tap into the Embrace of the group and become aware of it, we strengthen it. 

All social animals have cultural Embraces, though I can’t rest in them because I’m not a part. 

When we rest in our cultural Embraces, the quality of the experience varies a lot. But most cultural Embraces has dynamic energy. The same Embrace can also shift its feeling over time and during a session. 

We-Spaces – One of All our Embraces

Many people are working with and exploring ‘we-spaces’ today. What sets Wider Embraces apart from most of these methods is that we don’t see the Embrace of the Group as something we create. But rather as something present as soon as there is a group of people. We just become aware of the Embrace.

What is also special it that we lean out into the Embrace of the Group and take it as our first-person perspective, see next chapter. And of course, we are not limited to ‘we-spaces’ we work with all ‘spaces’ we belong to!

Properties of our wider Embraces

So that was a short presentation of the three domains of Embraces: physical, biological and cultural. Here are some more notes about them and our relation to them. 

Types are Variations inside Embraces

We are all different in many ways; eye colour, personality type, gender, sexual orientation, etc. It can be tempting to think that each type has its own Embrace. We have tried, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I remember when we tried to find the Embraces of men, respectively women. We divided the group along with gender, and each group sought to tone into the Embrace of all women / all men. When we regathered, we all agreed that this was no success. So we leaned out into the Embrace of Humanity and felt into all the diverse expressions, what a richness!

Of course, we can form a group based on sex, gender, IQ, eye colour or sexual orientation, and then there will be a cultural Embrace holding that specific group. But we can never force everyone with blue eyes to be part of our blue-eyes-group Embrace.

Lists are Not Embraces

People in my address book are all part of the Embrace of Humanity, but they don’t form their own Embrace. To form an Embrace, the parts have to be interconnected, not only have something in common, in this case; knowing me. It’s easy to think from a personal perspective; if I see things as belonging together, they should. But we have to look at it from the standpoint of the Embrace; are all my parts interconnected? Do I, as the Embrace, have natural boundaries?

Fuzzy Boundaries

Some Embraces are very well defined; our planet, a group of people gathered together in a room, an ecosystem on an island. What is inside, and what is not is relatively clear. Other Embraces have fuzzy boundaries; for example a species, a family, a mountain, a town. In our experience, it doesn’t matter if the edges are a bit fuzzy as long as the core is well defined. 

Overlapping Embraces 

Different types of Embraces often overlap. We can either work with each type at a time or the Embrace of all aspects. 

For example, a company may have both a physical and a cultural aspect, and we can either become aware of each at a time or the Embrace that includes both. 

Sometimes you can bring clarity to an issue by focusing on one type of Embrace at a time. For example, to look at your family from its biological Embrace and its cultural Embrace. The two will give you very different insights. 

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