5. I am Permeable to my wider Embraces

5. I am Permeable to my wider Embraces

– I become permeable to a wider Embrace.
– I open myself for influences and alignment.

Step 5: I am permeable to my wider Embraces

5. The Wheel of WE

Moving from step four to five, we shift from just being the Embrace to open up the flow from our wider Embraces.

We have just found this ‘corner’ of the Wheel of WE, and we start to make sense of it.

Every time we make this move, a remarkable shift happens. The perspectives are very different from our personal view, and often it’s hard to put words on the insights, our languages are not made for multi-relational, holographic insights. But it’s a powerful flow of energy and potential.

The Embrace of Humanity becoming Permeable to the Embrace of the Planet

Our favourite at the moment is to be the Embrace of Humanity becoming permeable to the Embrace of the Planet. Feels important and very potent, though we can’t know what is actually happening. This is not on the level of our personal sensemaking. Though structures may shift when we recognise them. And we can always act in the manifest world based on the insights we do get. 

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