6. I align all parts of me

6. I align all parts of me

– As the Embrace, I lean inwards, holding and aligning all my parts. Unconditionally. 
– They are me, and I am them. 

The Wheel of WE – 6. I align all parts of me

Moving from step five to step six we continue to have an Embrace as our first-person perspective but we move back into the subtle realm and lean inwards.

When I’m identified as the Embrace, ‘I’ can turn inwards and hold all my parts, unconditionally, letting my parts find their optimal place in the whole. When we make this move, the intensity of the subtle field often increases. If you are a healer, you will recognise the sensation. 

Conditional and Unconditional Relations

The experience of unconditional qualities is one of the most significant and healing aspects during a Wider Embraces session. To rest in the Embrace of the Biosphere, Humanity, or any other Embrace, and feel that I belong, unconditionally, is something I wish everyone on the planet would have access to. It is a home-coming, a reintegration with dimensions of our self that we have forgotten.

The Unconditional is the Norm

It took a long time to figure out the source of the unconditional dimension. The key was to realise that unconditional is the norm, and conditional relations are rare exceptions. To relate conditionally, you need to be able to perceive the world, process the information, remember the past and imagine a future. Most things in the Universe don’t have this capacity.

Irrefutable Relations – No Way to be Kicked Out

I can’t change what species I belong to or which galaxy I live in so for me the Embrace of Humanity and the Milky Way are unconditional in the sense that there is no way for me, as a single human being, to leave them. I will live and die inside them.

It’s one thing to know this intellectually, another to rest in the Embrace, and experience the unconditional belongingness first hand. Or to lean out and be the Embrace, holding all my parts, unconditionally, because they are me.

No Memory or Intention – No Past and Future

Because the Embraces lack processing capacity, they are always only now. Their memory is the present moment and the way their parts are right now. There is no thinking about the future no expectations.

Intentionally Being in the Now – No Judgement

As a human being, I can move into the intellectual position of accepting everything as it is. Focus on this present moment. Being aware right now, letting go of my mental images.

I guess some of us love to meet new people and travel because it propels us into the present with no preconceived images. This may also be why we love activities where we have to be in the present now; like dancing, gaming or climbing.

Love and the Unconditional

At the beginning of the development of the Wider Embraces concept, we used the term “unconditional love”. But we found that the word “love” has too many connotations, so we skipped it. But the unconditional has a lot in common with what we call “love”.

I love to be loved because I’m special – Conditionally
I love to be loved without being special – Unconditionally

As the Embrace Aligning my Parts

The impact and alignment of embracing Humanity or the Biosphere are, of course, hard to measure. But we are experiencing ‘coincidences’ many times when we focus on our families or other small groups. Things are effortless sorting themselves out in good ways, and old patterns are released.

Better and Stronger Together

It’s also clear that the healing gets much more potent when we do it together. I can heal myself as the Embrace of me, aligning all my parts. But if we do the same from the Embrace of the Group, the healing energies are both of different quality and feels more potent.

No Intention, No Cred

In many healing methods, you set the outcome, the “what”, and leave the “how” to the Universe. During a Wider Embraces session, we mostly leave both “what” and “how” to the Embrace. Letting the alignment happen wherever and however, it wants. You can, of course, set an intention before the session, but mostly, something else happens.

When we rest in a wider Embrace and let the alignment happen, it’s impossible to take credit for what is accomplished. We are not doing it; it’s more of a surrender.

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