7. All my wider Embraces unfold as me

Nested horn toruses

– All my wider Embraces unfold through me, as me.
– I unfold all my wider Embraces.
– Around and around.

Step 7: All my wider Embraces unfold as me

The Wheel of WE

At the last turn of the Wheel of WE, we move into the centre. Integrating and being the whole system.

All my wider Embraces Unfold as Me

This text is developing – the practice has changed a lot the last months during spring 2021, but the text has not, yet.

Shifting the Doer – Being Lived

At this location there can also be a shift of the ‘doer’, It’s not me using the Wider Embraces method – it’s all my wider Embraces unfolding through me, as me. Being a node in a multilayer, infinite net. Being lived.

How to live the Wider Embraces

This was the last step of the Wider Embraces practice, now it’s just to go out and live it! Unfortunately, that is the biggest step. Though with insights from my wider Embraces, I can navigate my life and understand the consequences of my actions better. 

Tune into an Embrace when Meeting with Others

I’m becoming more and more fluent in becoming aware of the Embrace of the group during any meeting. I make a brief shift from being a separate person, interacting with other separate people, to being one member inside an Embrace with interacting parts. It’s a sweet spot, and it often changes my emotions and how I interact for the better. Sometimes it changes the whole meeting.

Hard to Remember and Implement Insights

It’s often hard to remember and implement the insights I get during a session because they are outside my personal, everyday perspective. The ‘normal me’ have difficulties in getting the point and therefore forgetting.

Key is to write down the insights and spend some time to anchor them in concrete situations.

An Aligned Future on Planet Earth

The only sustainable way forward I can see is one where we humans are aware of the Embraces of Planet Earth, aware that we are a part of life on Earth. Aware as Life on Earth. 

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