Integral European Conference

WE to the Integral European Conference

One of the roots of Wider Embraces is the integral theory by Ken Wilber. Before I went on my journey and found the Embraces, I was very active in the integral movement in Sweden. This year, I have applied to present the Wider Embraces method at the huge European Integral Conference, which will be online … Read more

A round planet

Torus and Outdoor – WE Gathering Notes

On Saturday, February 12th, we gathered online to spend three hours together in our wider Embraces, coming from California, Massachusetts, Ireland, England, Germany and Sweden. During the first two hours, we explored the personal potential in the middle of the Wheel of WE, and after the break, we went outside and found a round planet! … Read more

Biosphere, Planet, Solarsystem and Universe

Guiding Myself – Morning Meditation

Today I used the WE method for my morning meditation, in a session of about 45 minutes. So this is another benefit of training to be a guide, I can do it for myself. And in so doing, train to be able to guide others. Learning the phrases by heart, linking their meaning with the … Read more