Losing bits of me

Losing Bits of Me

This morning, when I was resting in the Embrace of me, I became aware of all the tensions in my body and mind. I recognized that all these tensions define me, the person Stina. When I let go, I lose … Continue reading

The Two Views

When we lean out into our wider Embraces, our perspective changes in many different ways. From living in the past and the future, to the timeless now. From being a part, to be the whole. From conditionally, to unconditionally. As … Continue reading

Bubbles of thoughts

2nd Wave Future

In August 2018, I had an extraordinary experience that I’ve hesitated to share because I don’t want to be seen as crazy, nor as hopeless and pessimistic. But the more I’ve dived into the message, alone and together with my … Continue reading

The Irrepressible Lifeforce – Alder tree on the beach of Fulltofta, frozen lake

The Irrepressible Life Force

We all love the gifts of growth and development:– Longer, healthier lives!– Surviving kids!– Food from all over the world, year round!– Better, bigger houses with tap water and washing machine!– Communication via radio, TV, computer, mobile phone!– Travelling across … Continue reading