Losing bits of me

Losing Bits of Me

This morning, when I was resting in the Embrace of me, I became aware of all the tensions in my body and mind. I recognized that all these tensions define me, the person Stina. When I let go, I lose bits of me, bits that determine who I am. Scary. As this single human being, … Read more

Three forces

Dancing with Expansion, Exploitation and Increasing Complexity

It’s easy to think that we, modern humans, invented expansion in all directions, exploiting all available resources and increasing complexity in absurdum. We didn’t. These three forces birthed the Universe, are driving evolution, and are part of all cultures. And without these forces, no galaxy, no life, no internet. These forces are fundamental. And problematic.  The same Forces moving through Everything … Read more


Ten years of Exploration – Time for Contemplation

On the evening of May 31:th, 2011, I went out the door free. A year later, on a beach in Cape Town, the question “Who is Embracing?” came to me. It’s been a ten-year-long deep dive into understanding the relationship between Humanity and the Biosphere, between Us and the Universe, between all my close circles … Read more

The Embrace of the Human Culture

The Fuzzy Embrace of the Human Culture

We dived deep into the Embrace of the Human Culture during our three-hour gathering last Saturday. This Cultural Embrace has always been the most troubling one in so many ways. The first problem is how to define it; is there a global human culture? Does it include our fields of wheat, and what about computers? … Read more

Oil spill

Who put all the Oil and Coal here?

We were asked to feel into how we humans treat the planet and our emotions around this. I went with our burning of coal and oil, and to my surprise, I ended up in the opposite direction from the expected shame corner. And I came back with deep forgiveness in my heart. Who put ALL … Read more

A round planet

Torus and Outdoor – WE Gathering Notes

On Saturday, February 12th, we gathered online to spend three hours together in our wider Embraces, coming from California, Massachusetts, Ireland, England, Germany and Sweden. During the first two hours, we explored the personal potential in the middle of the Wheel of WE, and after the break, we went outside and found a round planet! … Read more

Biosphere, Planet, Solarsystem and Universe

Guiding Myself – Morning Meditation

Today I used the WE method for my morning meditation, in a session of about 45 minutes. So this is another benefit of training to be a guide, I can do it for myself. And in so doing, train to be able to guide others. Learning the phrases by heart, linking their meaning with the … Read more

The Two Views

When we lean out into our wider Embraces, our perspective changes in many different ways. From living in the past and the future, to the timeless now. From being a part, to be the whole. From conditionally, to unconditionally. As this single human being, I see how we, humans, are destroying life on Earth. We … Read more

Nature and Culture

Are you a Nature-person or a Human-person?

On what side of the divide between nature and culture do you live? Or are you one of the few who are living wholeheartedly in the Biosphere? The Biosphere embracing everything alive, including humans. I used to be a nature-person, but then something unexpected happened. This text from my diary April 2011 tells it well: … Read more

Bubbles of thoughts

2nd Wave Future

In August 2018, I had an extraordinary experience that I’ve hesitated to share because I don’t want to be seen as crazy, nor as hopeless and pessimistic. But the more I’ve dived into the message, alone and together with my beautiful friends, the more I’ve come to see that it’s a very fruitful and powerful … Read more

The Irrepressible Lifeforce – Alder tree on the beach of Fulltofta, frozen lake

The Irrepressible Life Force

We all love the gifts of growth and development:– Longer, healthier lives!– Surviving kids!– Food from all over the world, year round!– Better, bigger houses with tap water and washing machine!– Communication via radio, TV, computer, mobile phone!– Travelling across the globe!– Knowledge and entertainment 24-7! Who wants to limit any of this for oneself?Or … Read more