The Formal Definition of Wider Embraces

Wider Embraces is a method to evoke specific types of perspectives and experiences; this doesn’t mean that other perspectives and experiences are not true and real, they are just not a part of Wider Embraces.

This checklist defines both what Wider Embraces evokes, and what it does not :

  • Wider Embraces is founded on the question “Who is Embracing?”.
  • An Embrace can be defined by physical, biological or cultural boundaries or a combination of two or three of these.
  • Embraces are not created by us, we just become aware of them and aware as them. However, we can create the foundation for a specific Embrace, for example, when we form a group.
  • To be able to take the perspective as an Embrace, we have to be part of it.
  • An Embrace is its own perspective and doesn’t have access to private information of its parts.
  • An Embrace always holds all its parts unconditionally. The relations between parts are always conditional.