A Three Hours Deep Dive – Saturdays

We will do a series of online WE Gatherings during the spring, each going deeper into one aspect of the Wider Embraces. You can join as many as you like. Sign up for the newsletter in the footer, and you will get invitations. 

Upcoming WE Gatherings – The Three Realms

During our next three WE Gatherings we will dive deep into the physical, biological and cultural realms. Exploring the different qualities and insights each one of them provides. 

Dates and Time

  • March 6th – The physical Universe, Solar system and Planet. Stillness.
  • March 27th – Life on Planet Earth and elsewhere? Chi/Ki/Lifeforce.
  • April 24th – Our Human Culture, similarities and diversity. Complexity.

Three hours starting at 6 pm EET, 5 pm CET, 4 GMT, 11 am EST, 8 am PST.


Sign up by sending a mail to me at stina@widerembraces.org. The meetings are free of charge; we do this for the benefit of all life on Earth. You can choose to join one, or all. 

Notes from previous WE Gatherings

February 13th – Belonging and Living the Embraces


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