TWEEDS– The Wider Embraces Everyday Sessions

This is an invite-only group. You may be invited when you have participated in a few other Wider Embraces sessions.

We move from the Embrace of Me to the Group, pondering our day and each one of us choosing one Embrace that could use some extra attention and alignment today. It can be a meeting, a task, a relation. We move with that Embrace all around the Wheel of WE. Sensing it, gaining insights, breathing it in and out and aligning all its parts. Unconditionally.

We also become aware of the Embrace of Planet Earth and the complexity of reality.

The sessions start at 9.30 EET, 8.30 CET, 7.30 UK. Of course, you are welcome in whatever timezone you live.

(If you have forgotten the Zoom link, click here).

Embracing our Day

2 thoughts on “TWEEDS– The Wider Embraces Everyday Sessions”

  1. It is hard for me to capture in words just how precious and valuable the meetings are and the impact they are having in how I see and relate and be in the world. A growing sense of safety, belonging and trust in life unfolding with love are some of the many blessings I have received.

  2. I am finding these morning sessions incredibly valuable. The process supports and encourages a broader framing in which to fully appreciate the complexities in each day and in each relationship. Rather than bringing overwhelm this brings ease and deep trust in self and in ALL. The perspective I cultivate here invites my best self into each day. Thank you Stina and WE


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