Humanity and Planet Earth – Thursdays

Our main focus will be Humanity and our role on Planet Earth. There will be room for our closer Embraces as well, they are part of the planet. We will dive deep into each one of the seven steps of the Wheel of WE.

We start on March 4th, and continue for seven Thursdays. After seven weeks, we start all over again, but on another weekday.

This series is an excellent way to get to know the Wider Embraces from all angels, and if you are thinking of becoming a guide, this is the place to start. 


Thursdays at: 8.30 pm EET, 7.30 pm CET, 6.30 pm GMT, 1.30 pm EST, 10.30 am PST. Each meeting will last for around 1.20.

Day and Theme for each Meeting


  • Check in. 
  • Presentation of todays step of the Wheel of WE.
  • Guided Embrace out into our wider Embraces with focus on todays step, but we will move all around the Wheel each meeting. 
  • Sharing and check out.

Join as many as you like!

You are welcome to join all sessions or pick a few, and you don’t have to sign up; just join the Zoom Meeting:

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