Humanity and Planet Earth around the Wheel of WE – Thursdays

Welcome to a series of gatherings with a focus on Humanity and our role on Planet Earth, and with room for our closer Embraces as well, they are also part of the planet. 

While we heal and align ourselves and everything around us, we will dive deeper into one of the seven steps of the Wheel of WE during each gathering. Getting to know the Wider Embraces method and process.

We have focused on the first five steps so far, though we always start from the beginning each time, so you are welcome to join any meeting.


Thursdays at: 8.30 pm EET, 7.30 pm CET, 6.30 pm GMT, 1.30 pm EST, 10.30 am PST. Each meeting will last for around 1.20.

Day and Theme for the Upcoming Meetings


  • Check-in. 
  • Presentation of today’s step of the Wheel of WE.
  • Guided Embrace out into our wider Embraces with focus on Humanity and planet Earth.
  • Sharing and check out.

Join as many as you like!

You are welcome to join all sessions or pick a few. Just fill out the form, and you’ll get the zoom link for all the meetings.

Humanity and Planet Earth around the Wheel of WE
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