Explore your Wider Embraces Together with a Coach

Coaching – Explore Your Personal Embraces

The Wider Embraces method is a great tool for getting new perspectives on your personal and professional relations and issues.

Matthew Painton – Coach

Matthew is a coach, ally and mentor working within a Deep Adaptation framework. Deep Adaptation starts with the discomforting realisation that rapid social and environmental change is already upon us, and seeks to enhance our capacity to stay present and respond to our global predicament in all areas of our being – emotionally, cognitively, physically and spiritually. He uses Wider Embraces as a means of awakening to the true depth and amazing structure of self, and as a means of practically accessing the often unconscious, but unlimited resource of our greater being.

Matthew Painton, coach

Location: England and Bulgaria
Web site: https://deepadaptation.coach/wider-embraces-coaching/

Said About the Wider Embraces Method

I have tried a variety of different techniques in both self-exploring and meditation over the years. In the Wider Embraces, I have found what I’ve been looking for. To be able to take the perspective of the collective is amazing and has given me a profound experience that I wish more people will get.
Evamarie Braf

When I meditate, I have a hard time being focused, especially in the beginning. But when I lean out in the wider Embraces together with others, it’s like my mind drops instantly and I am fully there, effortlessly.
Naima Clevenhag

With the embraces, I am not stuck with the perspective of the small personal self, but I can always come back to the personal perspective and see it as an integrated part of something bigger. I look forward to keeping working with the Wider Embraces since I think it will benefit people’s lives and the planet.
Staffan Frimodt, Student

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We are looking forward to there being many guides holding the embraces of planet and people. When you are ready to take this step, please contact Stina. It’s not an easy task, but very rewarding.

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Are You a Coach or a Therapist?

The Wider Embraces method provides a beautiful framework for healing and processing personal issues in a safe space. If you are working as a coach or therapist and sense that this might be a tool that fits into your way of working. Please contact Stina at stina@widerembraces.org.

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Do You Work as an Organisation Consultant?

If you work professionally with leadership and organisational development, and you think that the Wider Embraces method would fit in your toolbox, please contact Stina and we can explore this further together – stina@widerembraces.org.