One Day Online Retreat – Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Our first retreat, though only one day and online. The aim of the day is to give us a sense of what it would be to live an embraced life.

If you have no previous experience of the Wider Embraces, this will be a profound introduction. If you are deep into the Wider Embraces and want to move further, this is a great opportunity. 

Stina Deurell will guide us, but the experiences and conclusions are yours to make.

  • Guided meditations/embraces.
  • The ideas around our wider Embraces.
  • Sharing in small groups and the main group. 


All times in CEST, Central European Summer Time.

10 am – I belong in all my wider Embraces. Unconditionally

Check-in and introduction of the day.
What are the Embraces and how do we belong?
Guided Embrace out into all our wider Embraces. Focus on our relations to everything around us.

1 pm – I act on behalf of all my wider Embraces. Allways

Lunch break, we set the meeting on hold. Time to eat and go for a walk inside all your wider Embraces.
Reflecting on the impact of our actions, how we are living and changing everything we are part of.

3 pm – I am all my wider Embraces. Now.

We focus on the shift when we change perspective from our personal view to viewing the world as a wider Embrace.
Guided Embrace with focus on being an Embrace. Seeing and sensing as everything we belong to.

6 pm – The meeting ends, but the Embraces don’t …

Payment and Sign up!

If this sounds interesting, sign up by sending an e-mail to me at

To reserve your spot you will be asked to pay 15 EUR, including VAT. Afterwards, if you feel the value received was greater, you are welcome to make an additional donation which will help support future development of the Wider Embraces.  

Looking forward to diving out into our wider Embraces together!

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces