Embrace Your Organisation

Wider Embraces is about everything we belong to, so working with organisations fits perfectly and is a potent way to use the method.

  • Are things not lining up the way they ‘should’ inside the organisation?
  • Are you unsure about your organisations position in the world?
  • Or are you just curious about what new possibilities you miss?

New Insights and Effortless Alignment

The Wider Embraces method will give you surprising insights, both from an inside and outside view of your organisation. You will get to know your organisation in a very new way, as an entity in its own right, as the Embrace of your Organisation. And when you do, parts may start to align, just by themselves.

Playful, Powerful and Flexible

Sometimes just one meeting will give you those needed insights or change that stuck dynamic. For some issues, it might be better with a few more meetings. Or you bring it to the next level and make the ‘Embrace of the Organisation’ a part of your ongoing management.

The Wider Embraces method works great both online and in person. You can choose to be a few representatives, the full board, a workgroup, or anyone interested.

Let’s talk about what would suit your Organisation

Send me an email with a brief description of your issues and your organisation, and we’ll take it from there. stina@widerembraces.org.