How to Participate in a Wider Embraces Session

Please read this page before joining your first Wider Embraces session. We will all enjoy a better experience when everyone is prepared.

You are Responsible for Taking Care of Yourself

So far, everyone has had only positive experiences. But we are working with expanding the boundaries of self, and for some people, this might not be appropriate or healthy.

Everyone who is joining is expected to take full responsibility for themselves. If you are aware of any psychological vulnerabilities, it might be a good idea to refrain from participating and especially from taking the Embraces as your first-person perspective. If you are unsure, please consult a professional or ask your guide beforehand.

Only for the mentally stable.
Only for people without mental health issues.

Join Clear and Sober

You will get the best and most authentic experience if you are fully present and sober. If you are not feeling well or are under the influence of drugs, please don’t join a group session. Many drugs tend to evoke specific experiences, which will make it harder for you to follow the Wider Embraces process, and it will interfere with the group process.

Some Experience of Inner Focus is Great

It’s an advantage if you have some experience of being silent and aware of your emotions and bodily sensations, but you can also use Wider Embraces as a training tool to develop this capacity. Because we work together, there is the support of the group, that helps keep us focused.

Some experience of meditation, or similar, is helpful but not required.
Some experience of meditation, or similar, is helpful but not required.

Prepare for an Online Session

Find a comfortable and quiet place

Find yourself a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your phone and all programs on your computer that might interrupt you, or which uses a lot of power.

Use a videocam so we can see each other

The Wider Embraces is about the collective, and it will be much easier for us to enter into the Embraces together if we can see each other during parts of the call, so please use your webcam and have some lights on in the room.

Use a headset for good sound quality

The sound quality is so much better with a headset, both when you listen and when you engage in conversation. And less noise from your environment is broadcasted to everyone.

Using a headset will also give you a feeling of having the voices of the others inside your head, and that is great for the experience.

Headset, webcam and a quiet place.
Headset, webcam and a quiet place.

During a Guided Wider Embraces Session

One guide – Everyone contributing

During the session, one person will be the guide, and everyone is welcome to contribute.

Your experience is true and unique

Every session and every person is unique, so whatever you feel and experience is true and valid, right there and then for you. And by sharing it, you add to the full experience of the group.

When you speak during a session

  • Keep yourself muted, when not speaking.
  • When you speak, name the perspective you are sensing from: “As the Embrace of …” or “As (your name) … “.
  • Only speak in the present tense; about what you are experiencing right now, and keep it short.
  • After the session, there will be time for reflections. 

Don’t project your humanness

It’s important not to project our humaneness onto the Embraces. We don’t know how it is to be the Embrace of the Biosphere. The size and timespan are so different. Not even the Embrace of Humanity is human. 

Avoid spiritual language

We use the scientific map to navigate our wider Embraces, and we avoid religious and spiritual interpretations and language. We all have different beliefs. Wider Embraces is about what we experience right now.

Your privacy is safe

Your personal experience is private. The perspective from an Embrace doesn’t have access to the inner content of its parts. Just like you don’t know what your kidneys are aware of.

If someone shares something personal during a session, don’t share it outside the session.

Become a BelongAlign Guide

Connect via the Zoom Platform

We use the Zoom platform, it’s easy to use and stable. Just click the meeting link a couple of minutes before the meeting starts. Zoom is available on both computer and mobile.

You can test Zoom in advance –

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