Alignment – Living the Embraces

With the Wider Embraces method, we become aware of the interconnected web that is our life, we can start to navigate it more consciously, and align ourselves with everything we are part of.

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Six Different Kinds of Alignment

I’ve worked with many forms of alignment in many different contexts: martial art, healing, politics, meditation, photography and graphic design. The insights I’ve got from working with the BelongAlign method has given me new ideas about how it fits together.

Below I sort it out in three categories: healing, insights and living it. Each of these three is then divided into transrelational; from part to the whole, and introrelational; from the whole to its parts.

Alignment through Subtle Fields – Healing

Letting all of me fall into place inside my wider Embraces.
Letting all my parts fall into place inside me.

1. Open Myself to Alignment

As a part, I rest in the wider Embrace and open myself to alignment.

During every session, there is an activation of the subtle energy fields. We sense the quality and intensity of the fields throughout our bodies. Muscles getting soft, stomachs start to make noises, jaws drop. Every Embrace has its own feeling to it, and it also varies over time.

These feelings are very much the same as during a healing session, deep meditation, or laying in the grass looking at the clouds passing by. Everything is falling into its optimal place, aligning itself with the Embrace.

It’s also healing mentally and existentially to feel the deep belonging to everything I’m part of. And to embrace and accept every thought and emotion that are arising. No resistance.

2. As the Embrace Aligning my Parts

As the Embrace, I lean inwards, letting all my parts find their optimal place inside me.

When I identify as a wider Embrace and lean inwards and hold all my parts unconditionally, the whole system is aligned.

The impact and alignment of embracing Humanity or the Biosphere are, of course, hard to measure. But we are experiencing ‘coincidences’ many times when we focus on our families or other small groups. Things are effortless sorting themselves out in good ways, and old patterns are released.

Better and Stronger Together

It’s also clear that the healing gets much more potent when we do it together. I can heal myself as the Embrace of me, aligning all my parts. But if we do the same from the Embrace of the Group, the healing energies are both of different quality and stronger.

No Intention, No Cred

In many healing methods, you set the outcome, the “what”, and leave the “how” to the Universe. During a BelongAlign session, we mostly leave both “what” and “how” to the Embrace. Letting the alignment happen wherever and however, it wants. You can, of course, set an intention before the session, but mostly, something else happens.

When we rest in a wider Embrace and let the alignment happen, it’s impossible to take credit for what is accomplished. We are not doing it; it’s more of a surrender.

Alignment through Insights – Informed Action

Gaining insights:
– inside a wider Embrace.
– as a wider Embrace.

3. Insights from Inside an Embrace

As a part, in a wider Embrace, I can ask for guidance and be open for insights.

Unexpected insights often occur during a session. They may come in many forms; as visions, emotions or aha-moments.

It’s one thing to know about ecology, or that all humans are related but to experience the belongingness first-hand is much more profound. It’s a deepening beyond intellectual knowledge, making it our own.

4. A Perspective where I’m not in the Center

As the Embrace, I turn inwards and look at my parts from my wider perspective.

Identified with the Embrace I get insights from my broader view, I see the larger picture, how everything is connected. What is unique with this perspective is that I, as a person, is just a part among the other parts. The sense of me has vanished. This is not a perspective I can think myself into; it is its own emergent perspective.

What I do with the insights after the session, is up to me. Often it can be tricky to remember and implement the insights because they are outside my personal, everyday perspective. So it can take some effort to make them my own as a person in the world.

Conflicting Perspectives

Before a session, we choose which Embraces we want to work with. Sometimes another Embrace catches our attention in the process, and we go with that. Which Embrace we work with is essential. If we, for example, take the perspective as the Embrace of Humanity, or the Embrace of the Biosphere, our view will differ a lot.

More perspectives don’t make it easier to make a decision, but harder. Though, the more views I have access to, the more informed choices I can make. And I can better understand why others make their decisions.

Emergence Reduces Complexity

I’ve written a lot about how complex reality is and that the BelongAlign method adds an extra layer to the mix. But the perspective as an Embrace also reduces complexity. Each Embrace is one coherent perspective that doesn’t have to understand, or deal with, the life of each of its parts.

A rabbit knows nothing about muscle cells or fear and flight mechanism but lives its life as one ‘rabbit-system’. All our trillions of cells are working together, forming organs and complicated systems. And we just use them, as do every living organism on the planet. That we can move around in the world, as one single human being is mindblowing.

The same goes with an organisation, a nation or a planet, the parts make up the whole, and the whole is one, not a collection of its parts.

Collective Intelligence – Better Together

Entering into the same shared space makes it more real. It doesn’t matter who is speaking; the experience is the same for all of us, most of the time. When it’s not, it’s often something interesting going on; a distinction we need to do, or something else appears that we didn’t know of.

Living it – Aligned Action

During a session, it’s easy to keep focus and change perspectives. It’s a very different story to do it in our daily lives, to live embraced lives. We are just at the beginning of exploring how to do that.

5. Living Aware of my wider Embraces

I act in the world aware of a wider Embrace, as a part among parts, in the whole.

I’m becoming more and more fluent in becoming aware of the Embrace of the group during any meeting. I make a brief shift from being a separate person, interacting with other separate people, to being one member inside an Embrace with interacting parts. It’s a sweet spot, and often it changes both my emotions and how I interact to the better.

This way of interacting is also what happens when you train martial arts on a higher level; it’s not two bodies interacting; it’s one system with two bodies. You can also tap into this when you, for example, are playing music together or making love.

6. Living as my wider Embrace

I am identified with a wider Embrace. Living as the Embrace.

To live my life identified as one of my wider Embraces is not something I’m aiming for, that would be limiting. But I would like to be able to change perspective, fluently throughout my day.

I am all my Embraces.
All the way up and down.
Simultaneously – One at a time.

An Aligned Future

The reason I’m working with the BelongAlign method is that I care about our future on this planet. And the only sustainable way forward that I can see is one where we humans are aware of the Embraces of the Biosphere, aware of that we are a part of life on Earth. And aware as Life on Earth. 

This was the last part of this theory section of the site, wonderful that you read it all. If you have any questions or opinions, I’m happy to hear from you, it’s a work in progress, and all input is welcome –

Time to embrace!