Perspectives – See as the Embraces

What’s going on when we become aware of a wider Embraces, and even more so, when we lean out into them and take them as our first-person perspective? And how does our Universe have to function for this to work?

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Becoming Aware of a wider Embraces

We always start with becoming aware of the Embrace. As a part, I recognise the Embrace that is holding me.

The Embraces and the Embraced are Co-arising

Objects and their interactions form the bases for all Embraces. It’s also possible to see it the other way around; objects and their interactions are the manifestations of Embraces. I prefer to see them as co-arising, you can’t have one without the other.

There are No Otherworldly Embraces

The Embraces are not otherworldly, or separate from me, or about my inner world. It’s about our outer, collective dimensions. That said; I don’t claim that there isn’t a lot of otherworldly or inner stuff going on, it’s just not a part of the Wider Embraces concept.

Taking the Embrace as my Perspective

When we are aware of the Embrace, we can lean out into it and take it as our first-person, subjective perspective. We become aware as the Embrace, seeing and sensing from this wider perspective.

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A Momentary Shift of Perspective

It’s a shift that happens in an instant, and either you shift or not. There are no in-between perspectives because there is nothing in-between that can be the basis for the perspective. All our wider Embraces are already present, so there is no time needed to create or activate them.

All Information in Lower Resolution – Holographic

One way to understand why I, as a part, have access to the whole perspective of a wider Embrace, is to look at holograms. A hologram is distributed information; the information of the whole is present in all its parts, but at a lower resolution.

This explains both why we can’t take the perspective of something of which we are not part of, and why we all have a very similar experience during a session; we all share the same information.

Emergent Levels Guarantee Integrity and Reduce Complexity

An Embrace has its own perspective. It’s not a conglomerate of its parts. Just as I, as a human being, have my perspective, and that perspective is not a fusion of my cells or organs. Each level is an emergent perspective, with its own unique viewpoint, scale and quality.

This ensure the integrity and privacy of the parts of an Embrace. I can’t sneak peek into my kidneys life, although it would be interesting. And as the Embrace of the group, I don’t have access to the other member’s thoughts and feelings, if they don’t express it in the moment.

The emergent level also reduces complexity. My biological body is immensely complex, and there is no way I could control even a fraction of the many processes that are going on each second. Me the person is an emergent level. I am dependent on my cells and organs doing their work, but I am not conscious of those processes. Simultaneously, the cells and organs rely on me to feed and keep them safe but are unlikely much aware of my thoughts and personality.

You can’t see a Perspective – Perspective Blindness

A perspective can’t be seen; we can only see as it. You can’t see the view itself, only see from it. This is true both for the perspectives we take with our five senses, and the perspectives we take during a session. You might remember the view from the mountaintop, but you can’t see from it at the base camp. You can’t see from two perspectives at the same time.

If you are not aware of the possibility of multiple perspectives, you will see your own perspective as the only true one, and all other perspectives as illusions or delusions. This is one huge reason why humans so often disagree on everything.

This is also why I often forget to lean out into an Embrace, though it would be a good idea. When I’m identified as Stina, this single human being, the wider perspective is not alive for me. I have to take it to realise how potent and true it is. I guess this is what some people mean when they say they are struggling with their “ego”.

Processing and Making Sense

It’s important to remember that the Embraces don’t have brains. They have no processing capacity in the way we have, and they are not conscious in the way we are, but they are aware.

Perspectives Processing BelongAlign

I see the brain as the processing unit of awareness, not its origin. Our five senses keep sending signals to our brains during a session. What changes are the subtle fields and our subjective sense of self. If you haven’t exercised these senses before, it might take some practice to navigate the territory of the Embraces. Doing it together in a group with a guide will help a lot.

The problem for us humans to get this is that we normally operate on a level where processing capacity, agency, and memory are one, and we call this ‘consciousness. I see pure awareness and processing capacity as two different features. Pure awareness is everywhere, and it’s a property of all objects and fields, whereas processing capacity is something only living beings have.

Altered States can Help

Wider Embraces is not about states or brainwaves, it’s about perspectives. although it can be easier to take an Embrace as my perspective if I’m in a slightly altered state. This is why we start by taking a couple of deep breaths and relax our bodies and move slowly from becoming aware of the parts of an Embrace, to become aware of the Embrace as a subtle field, to finally lean out into it and take it as our perspective.

Don’t Anthropomorphise even if it’s Tempting

I’m sure the cells in my body can sense my mood; if I’m angry or calm. Though my cells don’t have the processing capacity to understand why the person Stina is upset or happy. I can sense into the mood of the planet, but my interpretation will inevitably be coloured by my knowledge and background and me being a part. So a crucial aspect of working with the Embraces is to be open when we interpret what we sense and not to anthropomorphise. I can never know how it is to be the planet. But I can gain deep insights by taking it as my perspective.

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