The Wider Embraces Method at a Glance

Guided Sessions – Online or in Person

All your wider Embraces are always here, you only have to become aware of them. The easiest way to do this is to join a guided session. The guide will point out the Embraces, and together you will feel into them and lean out into them. A session typically takes a bit more than an hour, including checking in and reflecting together afterwards.

Embraces – Everything with Boundaries

The foundation for the Wider Embraces method is ‘Embraces’. At first, the word can feel a bit odd, but it’s very accurate. You can think of an Embraces as anything with boundaries; from particles to the Universe, from cells to the Biosphere, from you to Humanity. 

An Embrace is always grounded in the manifest world, and it has subtle and meta-aware aspects. Aspects we can become aware of and also take as our first-person perspective. Sounds strange? It is at first; you can’t imagine it, to get it you have to do it. 

Belonging – Sensing our Deep Interconnectedness

Firmly grounded in the modern scientific worldview, we experience the interconnectedness of everything and our deep belonging to everything we are part of. 

We contemplate the facts, we rest in the subtle fields of the Embraces, and we become aware of the larger structures that are holding us, unconditionally. Separation is true, but so is belonging. 

Perspectives – Insights ‘as’ the Embraces  

The Wider Embraces method let us become aware of the collective aspects of our lives, of our wider Embraces. And we not only become aware of them but aware ‘as’ them; taking them as our first-person perspective. From these collective perspectives, we gain insights that we can use for personal and societal development. Every Embrace has its own unique perspective, and it’s much easier to find them together. 

Alignment – Finding my Place in the Whole

When we know that we belong and we recognise our profound interconnectedness, we can let go of much of our resistance and move into alignment with our wider Embraces. 

If you are curious about both what we actually do and the theory behind; read the in depth text about the method.