Guidelines for Participating in the Wider Embraces Planetary Sessions on Sundays

Wider Embraces is, at its core, about entering into our shared dimensions; taking collective perspectives, exploring the subjective side of our objective reality together.

Our Sunday sessions are in service to the planet, which is why they are without charge. There are other amazing ways to do Embraces for healing and coaching and deep states, so just ask if that’s what you are reaching for!

There are ten thousand ways of working with the concrete, subtle and meta-aware levels. Exploring different parts of reality from different angles. Wider Embraces is a distinct method, exploring a specific part of reality.

A balance between many factors

The process has been developed and refined over many years, and we are always looking for ways to improve – these guidelines arise out of the group learning. It’s a balance between the individual and the collective, between person and planet, between deep states and conscious perspectives, between active and passive. This is what makes Wider Embraces exciting and why it requires effort to master. 

Self-regulate your state

To move into a slightly altered state makes it easier to both feel the subtle dimensions and to lean out into a collective perspective. 

In a Wider Embraces session, we can easily fall into deep states and rest in the wordless now. This is great. But for the collective experience, communication is essential, so we ask you to sufficiently self-regulate that you can continue to contribute to the collective experience. With some practice, you will be able to move back and forth between a deep wordless state when appropriate, and being an active participant when called for. 

No ranking of qualities

There is no ranking of the qualities of embraces which we explore and speak of; cold is not better than warm, red is not better than blue, agitated is not better than peaceful, they are just different. Our widest Embraces each seem to have a more or less permanent quality which we can become familiar with; however, our experience of the embraces varies from time to time. Your present experience adds to the whole.

Sharing insights after the session

During the session, we share our bodily and energetic sensations in a few words. Afterwards, we can expand upon these and share our insights. 

Four parts of a session

A Wider Embraces session typically consists of four distinct parts:

  • Our three widest Embraces
  • The Embrace of Me
  • The Embrace of Group 
  • The Embrace of Planet Earth

The role of the participants and the intent changes with each section. Below we set out our current understanding and recommendations for participating. 

Our three widest Embraces

During the first three Embraces, just enjoy the ride out into the Universe, the Biosphere and Humanity. This is about your belonging to everything you are a part of. Feel into the different qualities and the wonder of being. 

– No need to talk, if there isn’t something urgent that has to be said. Go as deep as you like. 

The Embrace of Me

Now it’s time to make the first change of perspective. Moving from being a person to being the Embrace of Me. This requires a deliberate shift in awareness. A change into a meditative state is not the same as a change in perspective; states are about brain waves, perspectives are about viewpoints. 

It’s an instant shift, and you know you made it if you open your eyes and look around and recognise that ‘the seer’ is not inside your skull as usual, but more ‘omnipresent’. If you didn’t make the shift this time, just keep practising, it’s worth it! 

– Look around, be present in your room. How is it to be the Embrace of me here and now? How would it be to always experience the world this way? 

The Embrace of the Group

When we move into the Embrace of the Group, we make the first shift into a collective perspective. 

When we work with collective perspectives you can choose between speaking from your personal view or as the Embrace. Just let us know who is talking: “As NN in the Embrace of X” or “As the Embrace of X”.

The Embrace of the Group, like all wider Embraces, has many layers. The subtle realm is a complex and ever-changing space. Sometimes we all happen to tune into the same space, sometimes we find ourselves in different ‘places’. Sharing what we experience helps us move into one alive, coherent space, holding all of us.

When someone says: “As NN in the Embrace of the Group, I feel warm, and I see the colour red”, and you are in a cold, blue space, you can either say so and add to the richness, or you can choose to sense into that warm, red space. When the third, fourth, and fifth person speaks, we will all naturally move into the centre of gravity of the Embrace of the Group. 

The depth of trust and sense of being held comes from knowing that we share the space. If no one speaks, or just a few of us, we will not be able to know if we have entered into a shared space. Instead, we will have different personal experiences. 

Your experience is always true, if you feel disconnected or nervous, just say so, it will add to the experience for everyone, and the guide can manage the process better.

– The guide will invite all voices to speak. The guide may also unmute you and say your name. Please contribute, even if it’s only one word about what you sense right now or some noises expressing your feelings. There are no ‘wrong’ words! 

The Embrace of the Planet

The Embrace of the Planet, or any of the Embraces, at the end of the session is both a personal journey and a collective exploration. We are there together for the planet and our shared future.

– During this part of the session, you are welcome to share both what you sense and any insights you may get. The art is to keep it short, just a few sentences without interpretation, and again, this takes practice! 

See you in our wider Embraces!