Support the Wider Embraces

These thoughts are under construction and may change a bit. But the general idea is set.

Wider Embraces is Free

This is for and about all of us. We engage together in the Wider Embraces; for Humanity and the Planet. 

Wider Embraces is not part of the economic system, nor the “gift economy” because the guide is not giving, and there are no receivers, only participants with different roles. 

Support your Wider Embraces by:

  • Embrace everything!
  • Spread WE!
  • Live it!
  • Become a guide!

For Guides

  • Only guide when and where you feel called to do so. 
  • Never charge money for Wider Embraces sessions.
  • Ask others to share costs for necessary expenses. 
  • If offered, accept free board and lodging and travel expenses. 
  • Coaches and other professionals can charge for their hours as usual when using WE as one tool among others during a session. 
  • Aspiring guides may pay an experienced guide for tuition.