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My aim is to keep most of the Wider Embraces sessions and material free and open to everyone:

  • Guided Embraces – Online sessions.
  • Texts about the Wider Embraces, the ideas behind and the method.
  • Videos about the Wider Embraces and its applications.

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It has taken a lot of time and energy to develop the Wider Embraces since 2012, and I’m spending many hours every week on the project. Fortunately, I know how to live cheaply, and I’m self-employed and have some other sources of income. But I would like to be able to spend more time on WE, and with your support, I can do that!

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If you have a financial situation that lets you support me, I’m very grateful for any donation, big or small. The beauty is that even tiny contributions add up. You can choose between a one-time donation through PayPal, or sign up for a monthly donation, for as long or short as you like, through Patreon.

Best Support of All – Join and Share!

Money is one thing, but your time and presence during sessions is your most valuable contribution! And sharing with others.

Big Embrace,
Stina Deurell

Stina Deurell working on the Wider Embraces site.
Stina Deurell working on the Wider Embraces site.

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