Welcome to the Unfolding WE Dojo

The WE Dojo, is the space where we will dive deeper into the Wider Embraces as a practice and theory focusing on bringing it out into the world. 

It’s a determining time on Earth, and what we do now, sets the stage for the next billion years. I see Wider Embraces as part of our next evolutionary step: becoming one Humanity, aware that we live on one planet. Planetary awareness, not as an idea but as a lived reality. Because it is true.

WE Dojo

Is this for You?

  • You have participated in several Wider Embraces sessions, and it resonates deeply with you.
  • You want to immerse yourself in the Wider Embraces and being part of developing a new worldview for Humans and Planet.
  • You have an open heart and mind, and perhaps some experiences of meditation, coaching, healing, teaching or alike. 

If you aim to become a guide, this is the space to go. If you prefer to support the process when someone else is guiding, this is also for you. Both roles are equally important. We expect everyone to actively contribute during sessions in the WE Dojo. 

If you are more into being guided and just want to experience your wider Embraces, other sessions will be offered outside the WE Dojo.

WE Dojo

An Ongoing Online Meeting Space

The WE Dojo will be an ongoing, online meeting space lead by Stina Deurell, with support from senior Embracers. We will dive into different aspects of the method, how-to guide and the theory around it. And we will also lean out into some of our wider Embraces each time. 

As the Embrace of the WE Dojo:
– I am all my parts as One.
– Open to insights.
– Permeable to all my wider Embraces.
– Holding and aligning all my members, uncondtionally.
– Unfolding, around and around …

WE Dojo

When and Where

There will be at least two sessions a week, each around 1.5 hours, with the opportunity to stay afterwards and talk and practice. We will set the schedule together so it will suit everyone, despite your place on the planet. You can join as many sessions as you like, though we expect you to show up at least three times a month. 

The WE Dojo will have its private space on the Wider Embraces website with resources and messages.

What does it cost?

The Wider Embraces are always free, but teaching and running a dojo is not. You set your contribution level according to your financial situation, from 1 EUR/month to plenty. You can also choose to contribute with your time and skills, like marketing, video production, writing, music etc. If you aim to use the method in a professional setting, for example as a coach, please talk to me.

You can read more about WE and money here – https://widerembraces.org/support-wider-embraces/ 

WE Dojo

Ask to Join!

At the moment we are not accepting new members, though you are very welcome to sign up to our waiting list. just write an e-mail to me at stina@widerembraces.org with a few words about your intentions and hopes around Wider Embraces.

To get a sense of what a Dojo is, you can read my post about the deeper aspects of a Dojo.

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces

WE Dojo