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Experience unconditional belonging, effortless alignment and collective perspectives in a new and unique way.

And most of all, join the evolutionary leap forward, forming one multi-individual species on one multi-species planet. A leap of the same magnitude as when our single-celled ancestors merged into multi-celled organisms more than a billion years ago.

For now, all sessions are free of charge and beginners are very welcome to join!

Online session

Where we meet during Spring 2021

Start your weekday mornings (European time) by sensing into some of your personal Embraces you will be moving within today, and connect to your wider Embraces. This is an easy and powerful way to make your day and life mor ... Join!

Embracing our Day

We will do a series of online WE Gatherings during the spring, each going deeper into one aspect of the Wider Embraces. You can join as many as you like. Sign up for the newsletter in the footer, and you will get invitatio ... Join!


Our main focus will be Humanity and our role on Planet Earth. There will be room for our closer Embraces as well, they are part of the planet. We will dive deep into each one of the seven steps of the Wheel of WE. We start ... Join!

Embracing planet Earth

I lugn och ro upplever vi hur djupt vi hör ihop med hela Universum, hela biosfären och hela mänskligheten. Sen skiftar vi perspektiv till Omfamningen om oss själva och gruppen och avrundar med att omfamna vår planet. Den b ... Join!