Join the Wider Embraces!

It’s a new year on our old planet …
The pace of change and the challenges are accelerating.
Everything we do influences everything else, now and far into the future.

Time to feel our deep belonging.
Time to act in alignment with all our wider Embraces.

Join an online WE session and become a part of our growing community.

Where we meet during winter 2021

Online session

Organisation – Development and Insights

WE Gatherings – A Three Hours Deep Dive

We will do a series of online WE Gatherings during the spring, each going deeper into one aspect of the Wider Embraces. You can join as many as you like. Some will be open to beginners, and some will be more advanced. Sign up to the newsletter in the footer, and you will get invitations.

Sunday January 23, three hours online

First WE Gathering for the year. We focus on shifting perspectives; what is actually happening when we move from being separate persons into leaning out into collective Embraces, seeing and sensing as them? Guided Embraces, sharing and a bit of theory. Beginners and advanced all welcome. Free of charge, donations welcome.

We have chosen the time to fit the time zones in Europe/Africa and America. Three hours and start at 5 pm EET, 4 pm CET, 3 pm GMT, 10 am EST, 7 am PST.

Sign up by sending a mail to and you will get further information.

The Planetary Self-Healing System

Embracing our Day – 30 minutes Morning Sessions

This is a rich and powerful way to start the day. Becoming grounded in our widest Embraces, sense into our personal Embraces; the once we will be moving within today. And become aware of the Embrace of our Day; the Embrace that is holding us and everything we do today.

You are welcome to join us if you have participated in at least one full session before. Send me an email at and you’ll get the Zoom link. If you haven’t, just sign up to the newsletter in the footer, and you’ll get invitations to future meetings.

We will be there every morning for 30 minutes, join us when you can. The sessions start every day at 9.30 EET, 8.30 CET, 7.30 UK. Of course, you are welcome in whatever timezone you live. It’s free of charge, but you are always welcome to contribute. (If you have forgotten the Zoom link, click here).


In Swedish – Omfamningar varannan söndag morgon

I lugn och ro upplever vi hur djupt vi hör ihop med hela Universum, hela biosfären och hela mänskligheten. Sen skiftar vi perspektiv till Omfamningen om oss själva och gruppen och avrundar med att omfamna vår planet. Den behöver det, vi behöver det, vi är den.

Vi ses online söndagar jämna veckor kl 9.15-10.30, start 17 januari. Öppet för alla som förstår svenska, kostar inget. Om du är intresserad, skicka ett e-brev till mig, så får du möteslänken. Vi ses!